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Put a 100 down and buy a Japanese car

It is a tricky topic. But men must be honest and as a visual being I see and I portray. I do this deeper than any artist alive today. My depth is unequal as it is  totally hidden. It will only emerge in a feeling. 

Taking anything from any women is a sin against humanity yet most if not all men do it. 

The ones that say they don't, do it the most, as there is a process of awakening. Why I love a muse. They are special, they deliver awakenings without knowing it. Its innocence and beauty is incredible. 


I call this piece opposite "put a hundred down and buy a Japanese car" its a paradox for the statement above. This exceptional lady was a muse of mine for almost a year, she had an outlook and a personality that could sink a war ship. 


I like to draw a line and this one is perfectly placed. I find this an incredible moment of restriction as the desire is clearly present. Spray filled from a template of the original photograph onto a Polly filled board in honour of the muse. 

As the eyes closed the only feeling in physicality was breath, the rest was in the quantum and it was so powerful you could smell it.

Anni Verses Air

To apply colour and animate is the height of creativity for me. Colour does it all even within the multiple shades of grey. 

Here we experience the same as above but without the second person. The desire shown only for someone else not present in the picture. Also restricting the moment and any actual connection it is so beautiful I can't help staring at it constantly. 

When we experience a connection it is usually not manifested in physical touch and even when it is in our minds we know that in essence things don't actually touch, there is always the tiniest space disconnecting the physical with the spiritual. Therefore all connections are more than the physical appearance of such and so deeper and more profound if you are prepared to look. 

Mirrored Image 

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