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The Local Fisherman 
Triple Path
Lines of Malakim
Soutallen Masks
The family by Shuska Art

The moving images of this suite of works were filmed at my UK based studio. Direction was provided by my arm and production via my fingers and the editing was conducted on the fly

Direction, Production & Editing

The Family before the Funeral

Darkness was there even when no one wanted to believe it 

Branding a Character 

The Local Fisherman has become a brand and a character within the works portrayed here and within a series of images provided for the inner darkness of POPULATION a sculptural work coming in 2017

Art Direction & Photography

She speaks not came from a carnal desire to take everything from a women save her sexuality. The reduction of form to something selfless and useless. An object without voice or reason, rhyme or chime.

Dream State Art

Malakim is a place anyone can reach with the simplicity of control. A desire to be there is all you need. A place of joy and slowness. No one has affairs here, no ever dies. 

A film of single frames 

The family is portrayed lifeless, helpless and loveless, the feud manifests only post the funeral in contrast to the sequence of the title

Art Direction & Production

The People of Soutallen were not always human albeit they were people, they populated Soutallen for 4 centuries before leaving one day with notice or trace. 

Voluntary Penance 

Alternative language 
Directional triad of syntax 
Reverse expressions 
To snowman's winked smile  

Freeze frozen familiar  
Faded family frolics 
Late for lunch  
Laid out lanced laundry 

Why make life easy 
When hook line and sinker 
Souls from shoals 
....elevated divergence? 

Anonymous vulva love 
Mis-spent spent 
Algorithm lust 
Heart but a scorched ATM 

Converse meditative pendulum 
Malakim stoned Mikalam 
Cirque du soleil of mime 
You Icarus  

Eel of a family 
Dark waters ferreted 
Drenched deafening disdain 
Diffusion of evermore  

Ink blot of transferred thought.  
Easter island like masked warriors 
Circular retreat 
Leads to forever islands blushed.  
The words of John O'Sullivan 

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Designing Life 

Art as a movement or the movement of Art

Online in 2017 

A Global Exhibition 


It can be a curse to see in a world full of blind people

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